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How can you use Content Marketing Software?

  • Build a content marketing strategy with a proven framework
  • Collaborate with your team to brainstorm ideas and plan content in an editorial calendar
  • Take content efficiently through a production, approvals and publishing cycle
  • Promote your content and measure its success. Stay on track with goals.
  • Feed your results back into planning and strategy for continuous improvement and increased ROI.
Make the most of your content marketing efforts.

Content Teams use Marketing.AI for:


Researching, creating strategy, building assets and ideas, and planning content in an Editorial Calendar.


Assigning items, drafting content, requesting revisions, commenting, approving, publishing on schedules, and doing post-mortem analysis.


Taking published content and promoting through social and advertising channels.


Measuring workflow performance, and the performance of published content in terms of attracting the right audience and serving their purpose in terms of buyer cycle conversions.

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